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An Idiot’s Best of 2011

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Boiling an entire year down into a numerical list is something akin to masturbation of the highest caliber. Think about it: hundreds of films released, and a majority of critics–depending on location–only consider those which played for a week in a dingy spot at the Laemmle 5 or Quad Cinema to be valid. Honorable Mentions:

Battle Royale

This 2000 adaptation of Koushun Takami’s novelistic ode to wrestling’s battles royal never saw a proper US release until this year at theCinefamily in Los Angeles. It’s amazing that a film with the cult status it has–inspiring two manga sequels, a (lacking) film follow-up, the entire plot of The Hunger Games–never got a seven-day run in New York, despite selling out at the New York Asian Film Festival when screened.

The Man From Nowhere

When we had Grady Hendrix come visit Grassroots Tavern, we asked him to describe the recent trend of Korean revenge films. His answer: “Karenge.” If that doesn’t sum up The Man from Nowhere, I’m not sure what else would. Though not nearly as dark as I Saw The Devil, from savage bon mots (“How many gold teeth do you have? I’m a pawn shop owner and I want to know which to rip from your mouth”) to bathroom knife fights and a bittersweet ending, this sums up exactly what the Karenge genre boils down to: you can take revenge and kill everyone, but ultimately it will kill you.

A Seperation

Not optional.

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The Green Hornet

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Green Hornet

Captured in the Battle: Los Angeles game. Apt, no?

Dir. Michel Gondry

Theatrical in amazing 2-D.

I had been sitting on this for almost two months now when I found out The Green Hornet had been shoehorned into the shoddy Battle: Los Angeles game alongside generic ads for the Ericson. That’s rather unfortunate because Michel Gondry’s exploration of slacker heroism deserves more than to be the camping point for an alien that vaguely looks like a skinless Mayor McCheese.

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Written by john lichman

March 23, 2011 at 11:52 pm