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Dead Darlings: Paul Weitz edition

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Interviewed Paul Weitz for Being Flynn over at The Playlist. Like any talk, a lot of stuff is brought up and cut in editing for space or because you’re the only diehard American Dreamz fan. Like this exchange:

To go completely off track: “American Dreamz” was awesome and underrated. But Bobcat Goldthwait has “God Bless America” coming out, not sure if you know anything about it.


Guy has terminal cancer and decides to start killing people from reality shows and folks who generally destroy our culture.


I was wondering, “American Dreamz” is under-appreciated, years go by and now we have the progression of “God Bless America” which is killing these people because it’s gotten so bad. Do you take a little pride in that?

Oh, he seems to dance to his own drum. I really think he does interesting work that I take no–I doubt he’s seen “American Dreamz,” most people haven’t. That sounds good. I think at some point there’s an interest at trying to take an X-Ray at what’s going on with the culture. Which usually means you’re going to make a marginal film. And using satire as a pick at things. But that sounds great.

I had a pretty funny experience with “American Dreamz.” I went out with Dennis Quaid on the weekend that it opens to see different people reacting to it. And we went to a theater where Sam Golzari, who plays the terrorist in it, all of his relatives had gone to this one theater and packed it. Cheering and screaming and stuff when Sam came on. Dennis was like, “Man this is going to be a massive hit, Paul! This is incredible!” However I had already gotten a call saying that basically in the middle of the country no one had gone to see it. So I knew it was a bomb. It was just a funny evening of hanging out with Dennis and bite my tongue.


Written by john lichman

March 1, 2012 at 5:25 pm

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