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You say Politico, I say Poly-tico…

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For folks who don’t know the difference between Beltway Politics and Inner/Outer Loops, it really is an easy mistake. Especially if you’re supposed to be covering entertainment news with a political tint for a major national magazine known for its political coverage.

Louis C.K., the man of the month when it comes to releasing his Beacon Theater performance for $5 and leaping into Reddit, was announced as the host for 2012’s Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner in Washington, DC. The point? “It gives the dinner a bit of an edge,” 2012 RTCA chairman Jay McMichael told Politico. An ‘edge’ has been cautious in DC since the incredibly awesome-awkward hosting performance by Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner where the bookers didn’t realize Dr. Colbert was a persona until he opened his mouth.

That said, the RTCA isn’t the WHCA; or to spell it out further, the Radio and Television Correspondents Association is not the White House Correspondents Association. They’re not connected, not affiliated and the only trait they share is the number of words used to describe each other, if we omit the “and.” This is where Rolling Stone scribe James Sullivan broke the news that Louis C.K. was going to headline the White House Correspondents Dinner! (Except not!)

The original with optional red lines

The original post kinda sorta confused the two associations, which as a simple search into the Google provides this (with added emphasis:)

See! It’s easy to confuse the two! Thankfully, RS managed to correct the error and pretend no one saw anything–they didn’t even have to change the quotes from the RTCA press release! A Christmas miracle if there ever was one.


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