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In Which The Muppets Have A Parents Guide

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Found while browsing Reddit, like anything worth while. But I’d like to present this special selection of IMDB thanks to the users, who felt the need to craft a guide for parents to ensure their children’s Muppet experience isn’t like the bawdy pun-filled childhood they once experienced.

Some standouts include:

  • A muppet swings his arm around, about to throw a bowling ball at the head of a man, who is tied to a chair with a bowling pin on his head, the muppet shouts that his hand is stuck and we see him continue to swing his arm around throughout the movie, until he releases the bowling ball into a man’s stomach; the man falls over and gets up moments later, dazed.
  • A man wearing a figure-hugging CGI motion-tracking suit covered with small sensor balls is heard saying, “I’m not done with my balls.”
  • A male muppet kisses a chicken muppet.
  • A man crushes a can in his hands, angrily.
Check out the rest.

Written by john lichman

November 28, 2011 at 2:26 pm

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