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In The Age of Spiritual Meme-chines: Shut Up! Little Man

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The Internet is serious business, or at least that’s how the online adage for folks lurking around the chans and message boards go. Fun with audio and video alike is the content beast that churns out BuzzFeed‘s feeds and gave us mash-ups, crossovers and fan art to go along with an ever-evolving creative culture based on what’s already there.

Shut Up! Little Man is one of the found (audio) footage holy grails since it goes all the way back to the days when recording via  a make-shift boom and tape deck were the best two punk roommates on the Haight in San Francisco could accomplish. Those two idiot savants, Eddie Lee Sausage and Mitchel D., happened to strike gold thanks to their sociopathic alcoholic neighbors (Peter J. Haskett and Raymond Huffman) who couldn’t go a night without drunkenly attacking each other either verbally or physically.

Little did any of them realize, the underground likes weird shit. And there wasn’t much stranger than audio recordings too gruesome and disturbing to actually be real–the sort of stuff that director Matthew Bate freely associates with the Christian Bale rant or even an artist like Girl Talk. The worst part about this wide-eyed optimism for culture and accessibility can be an over-abundance of content saturation. Throughout Little Man, two actors play Haskett and Huffman reenacting infamous “skits” that’ve passed around the country as B-Sides and late night radio broadcasts. In our current mind set, that’s how easily we can toss them off: sketches, bits, pieces, tracks. But something kept painfully quiet is what this “celebrity” could do to something–today we, as a culture, know all too well what being “famous on the Internet” can amount to.

Copyright comes up far later in this tale, as everyone involved–sans Haskett and Huffman–struggle to find success and wealth in this pain. From a one-man play in Los Angeles to three(!) different films pitched around the 90s until the gestation of this very doc, the moral of Shut Up! Little Man is a little simpler than we’d like to think but I’ll let a line from Cursive do the honors: we all kn–ah, screw it. The video saves me typing time and enforces the idea:



Written by john lichman

November 15, 2011 at 9:30 am

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