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Great Moments in Zombie Hunting

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The Walking Dead took in seven million eyes when it premiered on Sunday (“shattering records” according to Deadline, which also regularly uses the phrase “Toldja!” and “I’m going to sue you”) isn’t that big of a surprise when factoring in key points that:

  • It’s October.
  • People love zombies and zombie killing.
  • Norman Reedus.
Let’s ignore the fact that Frank Darabont was screwed out of the job as show runner, partially for making things too “cinematic” and AMC was worried this could be another Rubicon instead of Mad Men (we still love you, Rubicon for your plot and first episode money shot featuring LIRR). The reason you should be watching Walking Dead isn’t to gripe about what’s changed from the comic (not much in this opener, setting up the “Hershel’s Farm” arc nicely) but for Norman Reedus as redneck hunter Daryl Dixon, who disemboweled a zombie to see if it ate a little girl.
Let’s not even bother with the plot of the second season opener. Norman Reedus cuts open a zombie, fishes around black viscous guts and still manages to quip, “Our boy had a mighty big meal. I can feel it.” Likewise, I also had a big meal at the same time and quickly found myself too enthralled (and sick) to finish. Reedus’ character is an original in the show, along with his one-handed brother (played by Michael Rook) who’s on the lamb, and he’s brought more to zombie killing and plot development than Rick, Shane or even the deer that got shot.
Still, Daryl continues to impress thanks to his weapon of choice: the crossbow. Every time he steps up to the plate, it’s a confirmed headshot complete with arrow-in-the-head to satisfy even the creepiest of the Lucio Fulci fanboys. Reedus agrees apparently when asked for an AMC Q&A:

Q: Between starring in The Boondock Saints and this, you’ve handled your fair share of weapons on-screen. How did the crossbow compare?

A: Dude, I got to say I love the crossbow. I mean it’s just fun. Guns are fun, I can’t deny that shooting guns in movies isn’t fun. But I had never used a crossbow before, and it’s pretty rad.

Q: It’s nice and silent.

A: Yeah totally! The only thing is that you have to reload real quickly. What I need is one of those automatic crossbows… if they even make those.

For our sake, we hope so.


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October 21, 2011 at 1:58 pm

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