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Cry, Cry, Cry My Darling

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Frank Langella in Cry Baby Lane

"Hey kid, it's me. Broadway's Frank Langella. Just here. In a car. Doing some things. Wanna party?"

New York’s October films have been kind of in a rut this year. Granted, Lincoln Center’s about to unleash a week long span NY premiering The Innkeepers and Kill List next week along with some classical throwback like The House of Usher and creepy mod-horror Eye of the Cat.

The unknown champ, however, has been the folks programming over at Spectacle Theater for their Spectober selection. A healthy mix of all shlock mixed with shock (Catman ) and tonight’s “secret screening” of the once-televised-and-never-again Cry Baby Lane.


Having premiered over 11 years ago on a dark, stormy night (I have no actual way of checking the weather as my Farmer’s Almanic has never been purchased) it was introduced by Melissa Joan Hart and then damned by parents claiming it was too scary and frightening for their children. In fact, the film only popped back up this year and the entire production’s history is worth reading over at The Daily.

More importantly,it’s playing tonight at midnight, costs $5 and revives the charm that Pioneer Theater used to have when plopping into a tiny theater with like-minded culture junkies to watch things as they were intended: on your couch with your laptop on a screen…and drinking $5 PBR. Or bring your own! Just go relive childhood with a dash of drunken joy and see the film TOO SCARY FOR WHEN WE WERE KIDS!



Written by john lichman

October 21, 2011 at 1:23 pm

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