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The Travel Experiment

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I’ve been in DC the last week working on a production gig, and still had articles due. So I figured I’d load up my iPad, rely on my phone and work remotely with the ease that one expects in a world filled with cat videos, streaming pornography and social media check-in coupons that have no monetary worth.

It worked as amazingly as it was terrible.

Technically, my iPad has everything I need to write:
-Browsers (three! RockMelt, Safari and Opera Lite)

Ditto for my phone. I used to be able to edit and work on stuff while I was on the bus in Los Angeles–routinely publishing and editing throughout the week when my connection wasn’t spotty as hell.

I like traveling light. I hate packing and routinely take week-long trips with just my messenger bag as sole carry-on. Hence the iPad/phone/bluetooth keyboard seemed the best choice for me, especially since that’s the entire point of their existence. And bleeding me dry for money. But that’s another story for another time.

Blunt point: they worked well. Blunter point: they worked well, but… it reminds me how much I multitask on my laptop. Working on the Pad/Phone forces you to focus on single tasks at a time, save and then move on. Likewise while searching for links and quoting material, I have to leave Evernote or WordPress to launch a browser and hope I remembered to save. One fun time, I lost 400 words because Evernote crashed after I switched to Opera.

It’s difficult to get used to, but I felt more productive after a while thanks to this single action system. But downside: I can’t use intricate online CMS like [Media Company] or even the extra pages on [Writing Site,] which is built on WordPress!

Just little things like that and you could forget ever needing a laptop to travel. I think of mine as being 4 more additions from never leaving my apartment and just being a desktop in the making.

But I’m thrilled to head back home tonight so I can open photoshop, VLC,iTunes and Microsoft Word.


Written by john lichman

May 31, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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