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My Quarterlife Crisis Is Over

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Now I just have four 25 more years until I can begin fretting about my second one, which will likely involve me worrying about whether or not I’ll survive the impeding geo-politico nuclear city state that may or may not be happening in 2016 36.

Until then, here are some things I’m amazed to have done in 25 years:

  • Internet. Holy shit, who knew how great this thing would be.
  • Film criticism. Who knew having opinions could matter?
  • Netflix. Shit’s awesome.
  • Water Ice. It’s not Italian Water Ice, it’s Water Ice. It tastes great. It goes better with soft pretzels.
  • Game culture becoming mainstream and a legitimate business plan for new media companies.
  • Grilled meats on a variety of sticks.
  • Dragged my mother to Japan when I was a kid.
  • Lived alone in Spain for two months.
  • Have held three full-time jobs since I graduated college.
  • Graduated college.
  • Got blue curaçao used up in the East Village.
  • Not been arrested.
  • Found Magic Hat #9.
  • Went to a few film festivals.
  • Moved to New York.
  • Moved to Los Angeles.
  • Moved to DC.
  • Lived next to the BQE.
  • Ate a pork shoulder.
  • They made an X-Men/Spider-Man/Superman/Batman/Fantastic Four/Captain America/Iron Man/Blade movie.
  • Then they made sequels.
  • Then they made remakes.
  • Then I actually had to dislike remakes.
  • I went to San Diego Comic Con.
  • I wore a giant tomato and ate a burrito.
  • I made a podcast series.
  • I spent the last year in basic limbo.
  • I took up doing crossword puzzles.

And a lot more. Here’s more:

  • I really fell in love with a neighborhood theater.
  • Wireless Internet was invented!
  • Transformers came back repeatedly.
  • Pornography became mainstream.
  • Anime became mainstream.
  • Comics became mainstream.
  • Being meta-referential became mainstream.
  • Being a social, awkward shut-in became a status symbol among nerds. You could even say, it was neet.
  • I found an apartment in four days.
  • I found an apartment in a month.
  • I can use my phone to go on the Internet, wirelessly.
  • I can rent films, buy music and do my banking all on my phone.
  • I’ve been on unemployment! Twice!
  • I’ve filed taxes!

Here’s to year 26. May you not really fucking suck and turn around.

Also may you bring more awesome shit. Like jet packs. And not turning the real world into Fallout.


Written by john lichman

March 24, 2011 at 12:17 am

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  1. happy birthday, pal.

    laura bee

    March 24, 2011 at 2:52 pm

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