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Why I Will Apply To A Job on Twitter

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[youtube HBp2i4HL6WI]

Disclosure: The only reason I’m writing this is because it has sort of gnawed at me recently during my daily malaise grind. Also, if you are someone whose job I applied to via Twitter, please know I am actually serious about this.

Being out of work after two years is a weird feeling. Mainly because I was out of work for three and a half months the last time around and spent every day refreshing Craigslist, Mediabistro and JournalismJobs before I lucked into a string of freelance work and then lucked into my (ex-)Current gig.

So a bunch of stuff has happened since then: I moved to Los Angeles (from New York and back home to DC). I became a glorified web/tv producer (and an event volunteer and–in the words of a very friendly man–“a fucking errand boy”). I started going to the YMCA while home (because I got too good at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2). But mostly I’ve been searching up and down the coast for full-time work. Now don’t get me wrong: freelancing’s great. I have friends who freelance. But as they’ve noticed, the work is drying up in our current environment and unless you can juggle 10 outlets at a time it can become rather stressful.

Equally stressful is refreshing Mediabistro all day and submitting resumes that may never be seen. But a new trend these days that wasn’t as popular back in 2008: Twitter. Yes, Twitter is worse than Facebook or RockMelt or whatever you happen to use during the day to take your mind off whatever you really have to do in an hour. But Twitter is slowly becoming a better jobs board than Mediabistro, JournalismJobs, Monster or whatever other cutesy service exists to fill my inbox with pleas to come discuss my day with other unemployed job seekers to express our love of SEO.

But whenever I see a friend of a friend retweet a generic site’s call for open jobs, I drop everything and click their link. It takes a full second to pop open a new tab and click GMail open. And then comes the crushing doubt.

I am a paranoid man by nature. It comes from journalism school and it comes from years dreaming of comic books, Choose Your Own Adventures and the illusion of choice in video games. It also doesn’t hurt that applying for jobs since last February has made me extremely leery of hiring practices, especially after being asked to ‘write a few things for free so we can try you out.’

But back to Twitter jobs.

You are a forward thinking company.

Twitter is new. Twitter is fresh. Twitter! It just sounds exciting, like “NERF” or “Goldschalger.” It sounds like a fun, childish thing that will be exciting. And when a company advertises a job, it will be retweeted and sent around in the pure ideal of a virus. This shows me you are into exciting things and don’t just limit yourself to a $250 post on Mediabistro. You are a go-getter. And I want to work for you.

It is a last-ditch effort

No one has applied to this job or has constantly turned it down because of some reason not publicly known. But that’s not the worst part.

I am now applying to a job along with 500,000+ people

This is true of any job. But this job listing is on Twitter. Twitter is new and exciting and blah blah blah media. But I’m bored and on Twitter along with everyone else and I see your link in a retweet. So do the other hypothetical hundreds of thousands of people, some of whom may be more experienced than me and some of whom are definitely. What do I do with this?

You are not a forward thinking company and this is a sham.

Twitter is something the intern suggested. The job was filled three weeks ago with a friend of your Managing Editor who never really worked in this field before, but he’s a “name” and sure to get some notoriety. Best of all, you can claim he was hired via Twitter and show how forward thinking and new and shiny you are.

It’s Twitter.

And beats refreshing Mediabistro every ten minutes. Also I’ve only done it three times. And it makes me remember some story from 2008 when one of the social media groups claimed they wouldn’t hire anyone without a minimum of 500 followers on Twitter. Which was funny.

As for the video, unemployment has lead me to re-watching a number of Japanese shows with guys shouting and fighting monsters with catchy pop songs.


Written by john lichman

December 14, 2010 at 2:31 pm

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