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Jackass 3D

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dir. Jeff Tremaine
Theatrical, Real 3D.

Yes, Jackass 3D made a metric fuckton of money on its opening weekend. And yes, it is actually painfully funny complete with two stunts that could make you vomit. But it’s neigh-impossible to put into simple text description why Jackass functions so incredibly well.  I think these select images explain why.

As my friend Ian said to me afterward, Jackass 3D has the best use of 3D since like the history of the third dimension. And I’m fine with that.

[fyi, I saved a bunch of these images from some random illustration. no clue who the original artist is, but he/she/it did hilarious work.]


Written by john lichman

October 20, 2010 at 11:30 pm

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