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The Town

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The Town

Dir. Ben Affleck

If Gone Baby Gone was an exercise in gumshoes and noir, The Town is a heist film that owes deeply to John Frankenheimer and the concept of Michael Mann. Affleck directs and mumbles around as the stereotypical thief (Doug MacCray) looking for a last score and Jeremy Renner is his crackpot foil (Jim “Gem”) ready to snap at a moment’s notice–it’s a weird parallel, actually, to the Stallone/Lundgren relationship from The Expendables earlier in the summer. These two are lifelong friends who barely stay together because of duty and work (literally with the loose implication that Doug is the father of Jim’s sister’s child.) The depiction of Charlestown in Boston as some 1930s crime mecca has been called out already by the Boston Globe’s Ty Burr, but it’s a silly caricatureĀ  from the setting that Affleck demands you accept complete with opening credits quotations about how dastardly and vicious his Charlestown has to be.

To be quite frank though, Affleck the director is a necessary force and we should do whatever possible to keep him behind the camera.


Written by john lichman

October 11, 2010 at 2:46 am

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