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It Came From My Archives…Small Film Production to Osoyoos: Droop Dead, Eh.

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I’m re-collecting most of my old blog posts here. It’s an attempt to gather most of what I like in one space. This merely amused me.From the Current_Movies Blog.

There are times in every newspaper’s existence that failure simply happens. No matter how valiantly you struggle, hard you push the subject or attempt to get the scoop; you will inevitably fail.

Or if you’re a small-town paper where an uninteresting/Canadian film is shooting and you’re denied access on set, you let your readers know that you’ve failed them. In an editorial titled: DEAR READERS: WE’RE VERY, VERY SORRY

Because we’re only a small, community newspaper without as much clout as large daily newspapers run by big corporations or nightly entertainment shows, we weren’t able to bring you the full story on the movie shoot taking place west of town.
For that, we’re sorry.

It gets better.

…or that, when cameras began to roll last week, we were given a watered down media release and a photograph of Paul Gross while a provincial daily newspaper received access to the set, interviews with the director and producer and a chat with the film’s star.
Now, it’s wonderful this film is being produced on our doorstep.
Cast and crew members are giving a boost to our hospitality industry, local trades people are being employed for the production and Osoyoos is getting some well-deserved attention.
This was a good news story that the Osoyoos Times was ravenous about sharing with curious readers who now know about as much about the production as we do.
Some might say that this argument is coming across as whining in that we didn’t get the same treatment and attention from the production as other media sources.
But this is something happening in our backyard and we played by the rules to keep good relations with the people making this film.

So, this leads me to a very important question: how in the fuck do you pronounce Osoyoos?


Written by john lichman

September 8, 2010 at 12:38 pm

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