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It Came From My Archives…Why We Like Lars Von Trier

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I’ve recently decided to get all my old clips together as I suffered the loss of all my old posts on the original Spout Blog. These are reposts of the original posts on my personal blog so there’ll be a properly formatted version. From the Current_Movies Blog.

Lars von Trier--The Greatest Director in the World

Unless you were under a rock today, the full effect of Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist has permeated the rest of the Internet with a wondrous stink of pretension, violence and something similar to stale beer. And that’s why we like him.

When challenged to defend his film, Von Trier would steer the press conference into a random direction, proclaiming himself the best filmmaker in the world and correct his actors if they didn’t refer to him as such.

While it’s easy to brush all this off, consider Mike D’Angelo’s open letter over at the AV Club:

Thank you for having the guts to make something as insane and offensive and wholly uncompromising as this. Thank you for not caring whether people laugh at you, and for smacking the international press corps with a much-needed dose of cognitive dissonance. Most of all, thank you for lighting a bomb underneath the perfectly respectable, largely forgettable efforts of your fellow Competition entries. You may have whiffed huge this time, but movies like yours are what the Festival de Cannes should ideally be about.

It’s hard not to emphasize with the guy who may have just created one of the biggest cinematic “Fuck Yous” for the film festival that honored him for Dancer in the Dark. While Manderlay and Dogville didn’t really appeal to us, The Idiots brought out something that sticks in our heads (aside from the sex.)

Either way, we like you Lars von Trier and can’t wait to catch Antichrist when it makes it’s way stateside (either New York Film Festival or Toronto, we’re hoping.)


Written by john lichman

September 1, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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