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It Came From My Archives…Werner Herzog Remakes

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I’ve recently decided to get all my old clips together as I suffered the loss of all my old posts on the original Spout Blog. These are reposts of the original posts on my personal blog so there’ll be a properly formatted version. This famously came into fruition thanks to the hashtag wernerherzogremakes. From the Current_Movies Blog.

In lieu of yesterday’s trailer for the “re-imagined” Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, it started innocently enough. Matt Prigge technically started this wonderful question of: “What would happen if Werner Herzog remade other films?”

I then countered with Herzog’s take on Dance Flick.

It then turned into this: #wernerherzogremake

And lo, I have some favorites:

Close Encounters at the End of the World: an exploration of interstellar icebergs [Patrick Nance]

Aguirre: The Wrath of Khan [Benjamin Lim]

Koyaanisqatsi: Three hours of time-lapse footage of Werner Herzog ranting about how Fata Morgana is way better. [Matt Prigge]

STROSHREK: Ogre travels to America with talking donkey, moves into trailer home, works as mechanic & gets disillusioned [The Futurist!]

WERNER HERZOG’S MATEWAN: They were miner bullets. [Michael Sicinski]

MY BEST FIEND’S WEDDING: Julia Roberts realizes she loves Klaus Kinski days before he’s to be married. [Mark Pfeiffer]

GRIZZLY MANDERLAY: Bryce Dallas Howard frees the bears, but then they eat her.[Kent M. Beeson]

JUNOCARRALDO Risking her life, a precocious pregnant teen heads to S. America to teach Peruvian natives about blogging [Andrew Grant]

se7en dwarfs started small: snow white & woodland critters investigate a series of ritualistic dwarf murders. [JS Munoz]

Little Dumbo Learns to Fly. Finds a way to make the original even MORE depressing. [Brett Erlich]

Let’s see Klaus Kinski in a doc called “Panda Man”, in which living with the fragile species drains his sex drive [Ellen Fox]

and finally:

BIRDY DANCING [David Hudson]

If you’ve got a good one, either leave it in the comments or tweet it up with #wernerherzogremake.


Written by john lichman

September 1, 2010 at 6:51 pm

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