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It Came From My Archives…Our New Favorite Term: Joaqdoc

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I’ve recently decided to get all my old clips together as I suffered the loss of all my old posts on the original Spout Blog. These are reposts of the original posts on my personal blog so there’ll be a properly formatted version. From the Current_Movies Blog.

Movieline has glimpsed the future of assholedom, and it is the JOAQDOC.

By no means the official title of the Untitled Joaquin Phoenix Project, but it would totally fit the bill for Casey Affleck’s “film about [the pretentious guy whose name is in the title]’s transition from movies to music.” You know about this already if you’re even remotely cutural or have access to a computer: sometime around the release of James Gray’s Two Lovers, Phoenix decided he was going to become a musician. At the 2009 Golden Globes, he claimed to retire; James Gray wrote an entire rant to play up the story at The Huffington Post and now this site is active.

After all, this entire experience has been documented and surrounds Phoenix’s eventual rebirth as a rap superstar.

But whatever. If this turns out to be a 120-minute ode to a bearded man making beats as a meta-commentary on celebrity culture and what it means to be a star, then so be it.

All as long as I can tell people I’m going off to see THE JOAQDOC.


Written by john lichman

September 1, 2010 at 6:45 pm

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