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It Came From My Archives…How To Correspond With Robert Rodriguez’ Publicist

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I’ve recently decided to get all my old clips together as I suffered the loss of all my old posts on the original Spout Blog. These are reposts of the original posts on my personal blog so there’ll be a properly formatted version. I’m also a huge fan of attacking poorly designed interviews. From the Current_Movies Blog.

Hot on the word that Robert Rodriguez managed to turn an important press event into his important press event, the close-knit cats at Aint It Cool managed to get some neatly scripted PR responses from the Hard R director that funds his CGI-galas off goofy kids’ movies.

So let’s get into the tough questions! Maybe he’ll elaborate more on Rodgriguez’ next film, Nervewracker? Or maybe Rodriguez will explain why he’s doing The Jetsons? Or…

1. Quite some time ago you created a treatment called PREDATORS, which was about Arnold’s characters being shipped to the Predator home world where they were put into an alien menagerie.

Now that you’re producing a PREDATOR movie, is there any hope that it’ll be called PREDATORS and be based upon your original treatment? And if not, what direction are you taking this and does it have a title?

There was more than one Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Predator? Anyway, Bob’s response?

Way back before I did Desperado, I had taken a writing assignment for a sequel to Predator.

With a nod toward Cameron’s ALIENS I decided to call it PREDATORS. I set it on a jungle-like Predator planet. It was just a writing assignment, so I didn’t have to worry about budget constraints or how the movie would actually get made with the technology that existed back then, so I just wrote any cool thing I could come up with.

Fast forward 15 years to when I got a call from Alex Young over at Fox, who had been digging around and found my original treatment. He was eager to get it made and re-invent the Predator franchise using the treatment as a guide. So he contacted me to see if I’d be interested in being involved, and it seemed like the perfect project for us over at Troublemaker Studios.

I’ve built up an amazing team over the years at Troublemaker, and they’re all huge PREDATOR fans. (I know this because Predator model kits litter our offices and workstations.) So the next stage is finding a writer and director to come in and work with us to bring it to life. Whether or not it will ultimately be based on the treatment or not is still unknown at this time.

Boring. Ok, let’s do a follow-up question about one of the other five films he claims to have in production! Like Red Sonja and–

2. The original John McTiernan PREDATOR is a brilliant action/ science fiction film. What is it that you’re hoping to bring to fans of that film that will revive the franchise?

Wait, what sort of question was tha–

3. Will you work to get the Governor involved somehow in your new PREDATOR production?

Why would Governor Rick Perry be in this?

4. Are you going to make this a badass R-rated Predator movie?

Not if Shorts is successful.

5. What is coming up next for you as director and is there any chance that you’d take the reins on PREDATORS?

A valid question. And one that is answered in Rodriguez double-speak:

The idea is that I’d produce PREDATORS here at Troublemaker Studios, so that I can feel free to walk to the PREDATORS soundstage, pick up a camera and co-shoot the coolest scenes.

Directing wise, next up will be NERVERACKER for the Weinstein Company.


Sure, “directing” and “producing” may mean the same in Robert Rodriguez’ mind, but we’re not entirely sure what the point of this five question robo-interview was. Nothing was asked about Nervewracker, no comment given about the Sin City 2 rights and whether Rodriguez would stick to the film sans Weinstein; finally we’re dying to know which Governor “interviewer” Grande Rojo (Spanish for “Robert Rodriguez’ Publicist Emailing AICN And Asking Him To Run Some Talking Points”) was discussing. Has to be Rick Perry. We’re positive.

So to conclude:

  • Robert Rodriguez is remaking Predator, calling it Predators, and he snagged an idea from James Cameron when it came to making a sequel.
  • A Governor may or may not be in the remake.
  • It could be bad-ass, or it could become Rodriguez’ next kids film franchise.
  • Email interviews are bad.

Written by john lichman

September 1, 2010 at 7:25 pm

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